Design Direction
Product Strategy
User Research


2016.01 - 2019.01



Oneteam is extending Github's core idea of collaborative work to non-engineering people. Aim for ubiquitous connectivity on any device - Smartphones, tablets and desktops. And want to help teams talk and work together, no matter what kind of team you have, anywhere in the world.
"Your team, in the palm of your hand" based on this concept, and creating an app to help support team growth and improve team communication.

I led product design across a multi-disciplinary team to create a topic-based communication platform for businesses on web & mobile. Implemented and validated business strategies through rigorous design process. My work includes user research, concept design & specs, prototypes, as well as branding and marketing.


Oneteam is a topic-based enterprises communication platform, where each topic will form a chatroom. Unlike Slack and many other chat platforms, which is mainly optimized for chronological discussions. Overtime, the amount topics for our users will accumulate overtime, that’s when it gets tricky to understand whether the topic has ended. Additionally, project management can't be tracked, allowing users to create repeating topics again and again. We needed to find a new way that makes it easy for users to both understand the status of the topics and to track / manage project topics.

Process and result

When I started to solve this problem, it was just when I was promoted to Chief Design Officer. I immediately started conversations with the product manager and the CS (customer success) team to create a user group called "VIP Program": consisted of the 5 most active users of the product. We then conducted direct user interviews with those companies & users. We then began to develop a more in depth understanding of our users.

The user needs became very clear: They need something that’s easy to manage, and easy to search. Therefore, in the design, we brainstormed and explored many different ideas, of which we validated via internal user testing. One of the key outcomes as adding a concept of status into our products, including: No Stats/In Progress/In Review/Archived, serving as an added layer of indication to enable better search and management experience. This feature was released shortly after I left the company, and I’ve heard users are loving it!