Design Direction
Product Strategy
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2016.01 - 2019.01



Oneteam is extending Github's core idea of collaborative work to non-engineering people. Aim for ubiquitous connectivity on any device - Smartphones, tablets and desktops. And want to help teams talk and work together, no matter what kind of team you have, anywhere in the world.
"Your team, in the palm of your hand" based on this concept, and creating an app to help support team growth and improve team communication.

I'm led product design across a multi-discipline team to create a topic-based communication platform for business on web & mobile. Implemented and validated company business strategy with user research, wireframes, user flows, concept designs, mockups, prototypes, visual design, branding and other public-facing graphic assets.


Oneteam is a topic-based enterprises communication platform. Not like Slack, which is mainly discussed in terms of time flow, each topic will be created like a chatroom. After few runs, the topics will accumulate more and more, users will not be able to understand whether the topic has ended, also the project management can't be tracked, the user will create repeating topic again and again.
Need to find a new way that makes it easy for users to understand the status of the topics and to track the project.

Ideation and process

When I started to solve this problem, it was just when I was promoted to Chief Design Officer. I immediately discussed with the product manager and the CS (customer success) team to create a user group called "VIP Program": pick out 5 most active customers who frequently use the product, and do direct user interviews with those company. Through many interviews with different companies, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs faced by users and then began to think about ideas.

Because of this VIP Program, the customer's needs are quite clear: Easy to manage, easy to search. Therefore, in the design, we try some few different ideas on brainstorming and wireframe internal user test, and finally think directly add the status base on product concept, a total of four states of No Stats/In Progress/In Review/Archived as a design concept, while making few different Hi-Fi mockups and prototypes, and then through the VIP Program to do actual user testing and interviews, through this process to understand whether the user can understand the new function through the function tips, and also directly get the user's feedbacks for modification.

Final release

The user-tested decide to remove the "In review" in the status, final release base on the original design when it launched. This feature release on April, which means actually was after I leave the company, so it's hard to know the numbers how it will actually helps the users, but from the user-test results and the feedback from our tester is pretty great, they want to use it as soon as they can use in a real project. Hope this release can help they to do their job easily.